A N E S I,  the Greek term for comfort and convenience, serves elders and their families by accommodating individual needs and coordinating medical, social, emotional and physical supports in response to functional  assessments and personal preferences.  Our collaboration with you and your health providers establishes a working relationship that focuses on achieving your goals for sustaining independence.

A N E S I... Assessing Needs of Elders to Sustain Independence

Welcome.  You have arrived at a crossroads and are looking for directions.  After coming this far, you want to enjoy what you've acquired along the way without wasting time or money.  You've reached the point where life should be worry free, but it isn't. The loss of a loved one, health or mobility has set up caution signs that impede your control. 

This is the place... A N E S I, where you can regain your power by optimizing self-sufficiency within the limitations that challenge longevity.  Our system of navigation will help you avoid obstacles promoting your well-being in the process. Explore... choose your directions...                                                                            Wrose

A N E S I  helps individuals and families coordinate supports for optimizing life care with comfort and convenience.  
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