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About Us

A N E S I is staffed by gerontologists and health providers familiar with aging issues, functional deficits and personal loss. Evidence based guidelines and best practices for delivering care are researched and applied to optimize quality of life on an individual basis.

Access to specialists in geriatric medicine and psychiatry provide additional expertise for determining the most appropriate enhancements toward comfort and convenience.

Health Educator and Gerontologist

Roberta has acquired caregiving and end-of-life experience through tending to the diverse needs of family members as well as elders in the community and acquaintances she befriended at residential care facilities for elders. It was during her husband's placement due to Alzheimer's type dementia that she enrolled in the graduate program in gerontology at California State University Sacramento. Challenges regarding his diagnosis and care prompted her to help others less able to access or navigate systems of health care and support. She was awarded a grant from the AMA for this purpose and channeled her energy into a masters degree in health education after her husband died.

Roberta's teaching credentials, spanning all grade levels, includes a background training medical assistants as well as interaction among residency programs at  Stanford and UCSF as a pharmaceutical representative. The promotion of products indicated for older adults for treating conditions such as post herpetic neuralgia, urinary tract infections and wound healing, allowed her access to various health care specialists. Her effective presentations of product details and proper use optimized compliance and efficacy resulting in positive outcomes.

Roberta infused an adult education medical assisting curricula with insights about our aging population in preparation for a future of elders needing consideration for their abilities as well as functional losses. As a member of the California Alzheimer's Task Force Subcommittee on Education and Awareness, she contributed toward the development of recommendations designed for shaping public policy to accommodate this growing segment of older adults with consideration for family caregivers, provider training and continuity of care.                                                                      

California State Plan for Alzheimers

Roberta has served as a guest speaker for the nursing leadership program at USF and presenter for the California Medical Assistants Association continuing education program. She conducts courses for a LVN program emphasizing cultural sensitivity for aging populations . Her dementia trainings have been well received by IHSS care providers and RCFE staff.

She is a member at large of the El Dorado Aging Commission as of 2012.



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