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* Receive your complementary
personalized with your medical history to share with family and health providers in an emergency.


How we serve your needs...

  • Customizing an effective plan involves assessments of individual needs, caregiver concerns, physical environment and the present system of supports including health care providers as well as family and friends.
  • Sustaining independence relies on the continuity of support systems so needs are effectively communicated and timely responses are received.
  • Consideration for cultural and generational values in addition to personal preferences is the framework for constructing a comprehensive care plan.
  • Measurable service goals are evaluated regularly, adjusted as needed and progressively monitored to assure satisfaction.
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Initial Home Visit:  $100 first hour, $75 thereafter
($100 deducted from service contract)
This is a get acquainted time for introductions and intake of information regarding concerns critical for implementing appropriate care or support. For example, what are the perceived limitations? Who is responsible in case of emergencies? (Is there an Advanced Health Care Directive?)  What activities are becoming limited? Are there pets to care for?  Clients may wish to proceed with assessments or schedule a return date.*

Assessment and Report:  $200 - $350
(One time charge if ANESI continues services under contract.)
After conducting an assessment of physical, social and environmental needs, a detailed report will be prepared that can be shared with family members and health providers if desired. This tool allows  A N E S I to initiate a care management strategy that accommodates needs and sets a baseline for monitoring progress or preparing additional supports as needed.

Scheduled Visits:  $80 per hour
A N E S I will periodically arrange home visits to assure the residence is safe and the residents are content.  Social interaction is certainly encouraged. A family member often appreciates the eyes and ears of A N E S I for their peace of mind. Confidentiality is honored with respect to HIPAA as well as legal rights for the protection of elders
from physical and financial abuse.

Consults:  $80 per hour
Communication with health care providers, family, and other supports/agencies is essential to the coordination of an extended plan for independence.  A N E S I is geared toward servicing needs as they occur and will navigate resources whenever necessary to make appropriate accommodations.


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